The new surface protection product, BriteGuard® Surface Sealer, ( developed and produced by Bohle, has been subject to thorough testing by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) Rheinland.

By granting the TÜV certification, the independent institution has confirmed the outstanding properties of the product: Surfaces protected by BriteGuard® Surface Sealer are dirt-repellent and easy to clean – for a long period of time. During complex tests, a 10-year service life was simulated, which hardly affected the efficiency of the BriteGuard® surface protection. Those long-term tests have proven that BriteGuard® shows durable resistance to wear, standard household cleaners, temperature and UV radiation both for interior and exterior applications. Glass protected with BriteGuard® Surface Sealer stays dirt-repellent and easy to clean for many years: blank


With BriteGuard® (, Bohle is launching a revolutionary new protection product for glass and glazed ceramic surfaces, which is both extremely wear resistant and durable. Further, the application process is simple and can be done either manually or mechanically.

There are a multitude of surface protection products for glass and glazed ceramics available in the market offering various degrees of protection for glass. In reality, however, not all live up to the durable protective effect they promise. Moreover, application is often complicated and care problematical. With its new BriteGuard® surface protection system, Germany-based Bohle Group, is taking the first step in offering a new generation of surface coating systems, setting completely new standards as far as application and durability are concerned.

The innovative surface protection system for both smooth and textured glass surfaces is extraordinarily wear resistant and durable. Another advantage is that the BriteGuard® system requires a minimal number of products and can easily be applied, either manually or mechanically. Once again, Bohle offers a highly attractive business opportunity for glass processing companies. In addition to high quality glass products they can supply their customers with a high perceived value surface protection system developed for professional use without expensive application equipment and complex and time-consuming product training.