What is BriteGuard®?

BriteGuard® is a top quality, easy-to-use surface protection system for glass and glazed ceramic surfaces – with extraordinary properties:


Excellent Efficiency

BriteGuard® Surface Sealer reacts chemically with glass and glazed ceramics to form a high strength functional layer that protects against soil adhesion and glass corrosion.


Exceptional Resistance

BriteGuard® Surface Sealer can withstand mechanical wear as well as chemicals, heat, UV radiation and is significantly more resistant to such elements than other surface protection products.


Clearly structured modular system
instead of a deluge of products

BriteGuard® Surface Sealer is available for smooth and rough surfaces.
The modular system makes it very easy to select the necessary products.


Application as you please

BriteGuard® Surface Sealer can be applied as you please. Whether with a cotton pad, spray bottle or applicator, whether by hand or machine: BriteGuard® protection is achieved in 3 easy steps without having to purchase expensive equipment.