Excellent Efficiency

After BriteGuard® Surface Sealer has been applied, it reacts with the surface and forms a high strength functional layer that replicates the structure (topography) of the glass or glazed ceramic surface. The surface tension of this functional layer is extremely low (the contact angle measured with water is approx. 105°), ensuring that organic soiling (e.g. from soap residues, bird droppings or traffic pollution) and inorganic soiling (e.g. limescale or salty air) hardly stick to the glass surface and can be removed very easily. Surfaces protected with BriteGuard® simply stay clean much longer and are very easy to clean. The low surface tension can be seen in the familiar beading effect that occurs when in contact with water. Because the functional layer widely prevents foreign bodies from reacting with the surface, glass corrosion (dulling of the glass) can be effectively avoided.
In the case of rough surfaces such as sandblasted and frosted glass,  indesirable soiling like finger marks can be effectively avoided by treating the glass with BriteGuard® Surface Sealer X.